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Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Reviews

TH, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 10-22-16

We hired Daria for the full package of wedding planning, and she really made the wedding seamless from start to finish! She truly gets to know the bride and groom, and works to fulfill their desires for the "perfect day", and to orchestrate the most organized, well-thought out event with minimals stress for all concerned. She had excellent insights on caterers, bands, lighting, facilities: you name it. Daria made our wedding week and day wonderful!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 11/27/2016

Wedding Date: 6/18/16

Daria understands her clients impeccably, and I truly valued her attention to detail and responsiveness, as well as her supportive attitude and fantastic communication skills. I was actually able to relax and enjoy the process of getting married, and focus on sharing the wonderful event with my husband, family, and friends, instead of stressing out about details or worrying that I had forgotten something. Her network of vendors were excellent to work with, both professionally and personally, and understood my vision for the wedding while still balancing that vision with my budget. It was a wonderful experience and an amazing event!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 7/1/2016

Wedding Date: 4/23/2016

Daria was an awesome wedding planner. She has earned the respect of vendors in the Atlanta area. She was a wealth of knowledge about wedding etiquette, picking vendors and she ensured I was comfortable with my choices every step of the way without being pushy. Her timelines helped keep me organized so that closer to the wedding I was not scrambling to get tasks done. My wedding day flowed seamlessly because of her. She worked well with the vendors to ensure that everyone stuck to their timelines. We started on time and I had many guests (and my father!) comment on how well organized and executed the day was. I was also pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the load out after the reception must have gone because all our personal items, alcohol, leftover food were returned. She followed up after the wedding and returned momentos from the day and even gave us a thoughtful gift.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 5/13/2016

Wedding Date: 10/17/2015

Daria is amazing. We could not have planned this wedding without her expertise. She was always professional and showed up to each meeting prepared. The wedding was beyond my imagination and it was beautifully executed, all thanks to the help of Daria. Hire her. You will not regret it.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 10/30/2015

Wedding Date: 8-1-2015

Daria is absolutely the best decision we made upon my engagement. From the very beginning when talking about what we want in the wedding day and how we want it to look and feel to the very last minute, she had answers to every question, advice on every topic and a vendor list that is miles long! Everytime I contacted a vendor she recommended, they all said "We LOVE Daria." She think of everything and kept us on track throughout the entire process. My husband and I were able to relax and truly enjoy our wedding day because of Daria. It was the most perfect day, I could not have dreamed of a more perfect wedding. She is the best of the best! We cannot thank her enough for the best day of our lives.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 9/8/2015

Nancy L Grieve
Wedding Date: 8-1-15

Daria with Circle of Love Weddings is a gem. We could not have had such a lovely wedding with out her. Having a head strong daughter, Daria kept her on track and guided us along the planning way. Her expertise amazed me everytime we met and her attention to details was unbelievable. We all keep saying the our daughters wedding days was a "perfect day", and that is all because having Daria in control allowed us to relax and enjoy our friends and family. I would recommend her to anyone planning a wedding!!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 8/12/2015

Melissa Hines
Wedding Date: 07/25/2015

Daria is the perfect wedding planner. Throughout this year long process, she guided both my husband and I to the best vendors in Atlanta and ensured nothing but perfection on our wedding day. We hired her for her "Day of" services. Instead of having a wedding planner that my (now) husband and I had never met until the rehearsal dinner we had Daria. From the start of our venture together she made it very clear she was available for any advice, consultation, etc. through phone, text, email... She was not lying! All responses were less than 24 later and, for text, most of the time it was within the hour. Besides our initial meeting we had three additional meetings before the rehearsal dinner and wedding to go over all the details. She would email over detailed lists and frequently text/email/call to see if any help was needed completing those lists. If you want an effective communicator, a sweet heart, and the best vendors then this is your leading lady!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 8/10/2015

Katie Factor-O'Neill, Atlanta
Wedding Date: August 23, 2014

Daria was a wonderful wedding planner! I am so happy that I hired her. She was very organized and professional with all of the vendors and made sure my "wedding vision" came across at my actual wedding. I could not imagine planning this event without her.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 8/28/2014

Christina and Tim, Atlanta
Wedding Date: July 12, 2014

Daria is my hero! Words can't express how fantastic she is, both as a person and an exceptional (!!) wedding planner. From our first meeting, I felt as though she was my dear friend who wanted everything I wanted for our wedding. She was there by our side through everything, and she always knew what I wanted even before I did! Daria’s expertise, professionalism, and sweet spirit made our planning process a complete success. She far surpassed our expectations. She's a miracle worker for sure! Daria is incredibly organized and offered the perfect amount of support and guidance needed to make the wedding of my dreams become a reality! She was always ready to go above and beyond the call of duty for anything we needed, and she most certainly did on numerous occasions. It's quite apparent that Daria has a gift for what she does, as her pure talent exudes in every detail and decision made. She is top-notch and her expertise is unmatched--she's the BEST!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 8/20/2014

Kim and Rich, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 5/17/14

First of all, I’ll give you the bottom line: I would have paid triple the price for Daria and Circle of Love weddings and would recommend Daria to my closest friends and family members. In summary, Daria is a one-of-a-kind planner. Her work is effortless, as if she was designed to make your wedding as incredible as it could be. She was respectful with family yet she knew how to manage them. She cared about our feelings, but wasn’t afraid to tell us when we were got caught up in a minor decision or were straying outside of our budget. By the end, I felt like she was as invested in our wedding as we were, and she made our special day unforgettable. We truly can’t thank her enough for giving us the best night of our lives.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 5/24/2014

Wedding Date: April 26th 2014

Daria was amazing! She was involved in our wedding planning since the very beginning (over a year before the date). I would 100% recommend her! We ended up choosing a venue, caterer, band, and photographer that we found via her recommendation and loved all of them! She definitely is a great judge of the bride's taste and knows who to recommend. She kept us on track with the timeline all along, so things really never got stressful. Daria was absolutely amazing the week of and day of the wedding. She helped prevent a crisis with my dress, took care of making sure every single detail was ready to go before the big day, and literally we had NOTHING to worry about on the actual wedding day. Everything went SO smoothy, and multiple guests said it was the best organized wedding they had ever been to!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 5/23/2014

Molly, Atlanta
Wedding Date: October 12, 2013

We originally sought out a wedding coordinator so that our friends and family would not have to have jobs on the day of our wedding. Then we REALLY wanted a wedding coordinator when the site we picked included having the ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner and dancing/cake all in 4 different locations. What we found in Daria was someone who could seamlessly handle all of the things we envisioned while simultaneouly helping us imagine things we had never even considered. From the moment we hired her, it was the best wedding planning decision we made. Every vendor recommendation she gave us was stellar and tailored to match our unique tastes and interests. I highly recommend her!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 11/9/2013

Alexandra Wilinski
Wedding Date: 8/17/2013

We could go on and on about how wonderful it has been to work with Daria. From day one she was extremely professional, easily accessible, and always really cared about our needs and “dreams” about our wedding. As a very organized and borderline “over planning” bride, I felt like I had a best friend that knew everything that I could bounce ideas off of and make those ideas become a reality. Daria was ALWAYS there for us whenever we had a question or concern no matter how small. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and we literally didn’t have to worry about a thing the entire day. She was the very best investment we made. Future Grooms out there, do yourself a favor and hire Daria to help your beautiful bride to be to remain stress-free and completely organized during your entire engagement. Not to mention, you’ll save a bunch of time and money working with someone reliable with all of the knowledge and connections you will need to plan your perfect day!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 8/27/2013

Wedding Date: 06/08/2013

We loved every minute of working with Daria. She was friendly, organized, on point, and seamless. She was constantly accessible and she resolved any conflicts before they became a problem. We considered her the best investment we made for our wedding because she allowed us to relax, enjoy, and remember our day. We'll have those moments forever because of her.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 7/22/2013

Sandy Pace
Wedding Date: April 6, 2013

My husband and I were so blessed to have what I called "the A Team" of vendors during the planning process and on our wedding day, and with out a doubt, hiring Daria and Circle of Love was one of the best choices we made. Daria not only helped us choose the rest of our "A Team" but made sure everyone was on the same page, organized, informed, and ready to go. I knew Daria was on top of it when my hair stylist even commented "wow, she sent me a three page itinerary!" and showed up 30 minutes early because she knew how on top of it Daria was! Our pastor commented that he had never seen a more organized planner, our family friends were over impressed with her organization, ability to deal with anything that came her way, and 100% constant positivity. On top of it all, Daria was the most responsive person I worked with during the entire wedding process - big plus! I can honestly say my husband and I had a *perfect* wedding, I know we owe it to Daria!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 5/13/2013

caroline, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 12/22/12

Daria is the most-level headed, fast-thinking, competent, resourceful and professional wedding planner a bride could ever hope for. I was married this past December. My (now) husband and I were interested in a celebration that was low-key and low-stress. Daria found the vendors that suited our exact needs to a T and within budget. She is so well-connected in the event community, that coordinating our special day was absolutely effortless. In fact, a few of the vendors were wondering why I was so relaxed? Answer: Daria was in charge. What I especially love about Daria is that she is smart, compassionate and to the point - no useless fluff to complicate matters. If you are in search of the best wedding planner ATL has to offer, call Daria! I mean it! Hurry though - she get’s booked up quickly!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 4/1/2013

Wedding Date: 12/8/12

I am a very detail oriented person and enjoy having control of important things in my life, and I can tell you that despite all of that, I could not have gotten through this wedding process without Daria! She provided a turn-key approach to putting the wedding together and made sure that not only is nothing missed, but everything is just as you expect. She handled everything from vendor management (including problem resolution), timeline of events, deadlines for all aspects, suggestions of things that work/ don't work, and much more. Daria has such a pleasant, calming demeanor that gives you the reassurance that everything is just fine, on schedule, and it will get done. She was very prompt with phone and email responses, ready to tackle any issue, and VERY easy to work with. I would highly recommend her work to all brides in the area- you will not regret it!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 1/5/2013

Wedding Date: 11-10-12

Hiring Daria was the BEST wedding planning decision my husband and I made. We could not possibly have been happier with the results, and it was all thanks to her attention to detail and thoughtfulness. She was always quick to respond and answer the phone, and helped us make big, potentially difficult decisions by offering her advice over a conference call so that my out of town family could be on the same page. On the day of, she intercepted vendors so that she could deal with their inquiries personally. I didn't have to worry about a thing, and I just enjoyed the day with my new husband. She also has a way of going the extra mile and making it seem totally effortless, it definitely added to my sense of calm on the big day.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 12/6/2012

Marianna and Justin
Wedding Date: 8/25/12

What a savior Daria was. She was a joy to work with throughout the process. Her attention to detail and ability to listen to the vision and help execute it was second to none. The icing on the cake literally was the cake. The day of the wedding the wedding cake and grooms cake did not show. Daria was cool, calm and collected. She was able to get us an amazing display cake, sheet cakes for the venue to serve, and a cool Krispy Kreme display as a grooms cake. Only my husband and I were aware. She really did save the day! We could not have executed this event without her.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 9/16/2012

Kalli and Josh
Wedding Date: 5/5/12

When we started planning our wedding, I was convinced that we could do it all ourselves. We were going to keep things simple and small so this seemed realistic. However, our friends recommended that we meet with Daria and just consider hiring a coordinator. It was very clear from our initial meeting that Daria's experience and dedication to making our wedding what we wanted it to be would be were exactly what we needed. Daria listened carefully and made sure that our wedding stayed true to what we had initially said was important to us. She never pushed us to do things for the sake of tradition (which was very important to us), but she still helped us keep in mind the needs of our all guests. Seriously, we can't imagine surviving the wedding planning or wedding day without her. We have already recommended her to several of our friends and will continue to do so.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 8/4/2012

Wedding Date: 6/2/12

Daria was truly an amazing asset to my husband and I as well as both sets of parents! She went above and beyond when it came to helping us plan our day. Daria has such solid relationships with all types of reputable vendors in the Atlanta area. Not being originally from Atlanta, I had a hard time making some decisions. Daria was able to step in with solid recommendations as well as very price-conscious options. Her reputation in the event planning industry is very good and vendors really enjoy working with her. Thank you Daria for all of your support over the last year. I know any bride that decides to work with you will be so happy and thankful that they did!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 7/11/2012

Emily Weissman
Wedding Date: 5/27/12

Daria is the best! She was professional, warm, very organized, down-to-earth, and calm. There are so many things I valued about Daria but here are a few... 1) She reccomends vendors based on your personality as a couple. She has strong relationships and a good reputation in the events community. 2) Daria always goes that extra mile to make sure that you are happy and comfortable. My fiancé and I felt that we could always depend on Daria to ease our stress no matter the issue. 3) It was so nice to have Daria there to know the right things were asked for and included in all contracts with vendors. As someone who has never planned a wedding before there are some things that you just do not know to ask for and Daria was wonderful in that regard.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 6/5/2012

Sherry and Andrew, Magnolia Hall - Atlanta
Wedding Date: 11/19/2011

We had a great experience working with Daria! She is so detail oriented and helped us keep up with the multitude of details in planning everything from hotel blocks, venue, finding a dress, invitations, transportation,etc. She has great contacts and everyone we worked with spoke very highly of her. Working full-time and have a relatively short engagement (6 months) was a bit daunting, but Daria's checklists and prompt email responses were so helpful. Our wedding was exactly what we wanted and we couldn't have done it as stress-free with out Daria!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 12/30/2011

Angela and Jusin
Wedding Date: 10/29/11

A friend recommended Daria about the time I started getting overwelmed with planning, and as soon as I talked to Daria I immediately felt more under control. We hired her for her day-of coordination, but it turned out to be so much more than that. She provided many referrals, answered any questions I had, and gave me checklists throughout the planning process to make sure I was on track and hadn't forgotten anything. She was invaluable leading up to the wedding in setting timelines and confirming all details with vendors. On ourwedding day I was able to relax and enjoy myself because Daria handled all the details. She even planned a short "date" for my husband and I between the ceremony and our introduction at the reception where we had dinner alone and were able to enjoy each other. My wedding day would not have been as perfect as it turned out if I did not have Daria to pull everything together.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 11/14/2011

Amanda & Justin, ATL
Wedding Date: 9/3/2011

A planner is the best money you will spend and Daria is worth every single penny and more. Looking back I am really not sure how we thought we might be able to handle all the details of a wedding on our own. Knowing what I know now I would never attempt it without the help of Daria and her associates at Circle of Love Weddings. From the moment we met Daria we knew she was the one to help guide us. She listened and guided us to the vendors who she knew would best fit our vision. The wedding was perfect - I can't think of anything that went wrong. We had a lot of DIY projects. 9 vendors, and 150 guests and Daria handled all of it with grace and expertise. She and her associate even did our candy table for us and it was amazing. Daria always made us feel like we were important although I'm sure we drove her mad with all of our DIY details. We LOVE Daria!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 9/15/2011

Erin and Matt, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 7/9/2011

Hiring a wedding planner was the best money that I spent on the wedding! I am a pretty organized person, so initially I thought I could save money by doing everything myself, and that I did not need professional help planning it. But I am very happy that I hired Daria!!! She took so much of the stress out of the wedding process by keeping me on task with helpful timelines/checklists of things to do for the wedding. On the big day, I completely trusted that if anything did not go as I planned that Daria would be able to handle/fix it, so that I could just enjoy the day. At the very least, every bride NEEDS a day-of- coordinator. Daria had the wedding details planned down to the minute of when everything should happen, so that all of the vendors knew what to anticipate. I was impressed with her keen attention to small details. Thanks Daria for all of your help! My wedding was perfect and exactly as I planned it to be.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 7/31/2011

Lauren and Mark, Atlanta
Wedding Date: July 2, 2011

Wow.. only 100 characters to describe how thankful I am for hiring Daria? That's not enough! My husband and I hired Daria one year ago to plan our wedding, and we just got married earlier this month. I can honestly say that I couldn't have had such a fabulous wedding experience without her! I knew her help on the wedding day would be invaluable, but what I came to realize was how much help she gave us before the wedding. She met with us as frequently as we wanted, keeping us on task with to-do lists and reminders. She went with me to vendor appointments and gave me her honest opinion. She introduced me to some very reliable and talented vendors. I was very impressed that vendors she hadn't introduced me to, knew her and had great things to say about her reputation. I recommend Daria to any bride looking for some guidance and advice during the planning process. She deserves this great review because she is fabulous at what she does and a true professional!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 7/19/2011

Laura and Thomas
Wedding Date: 6/5/2010

Stop looking and hire Daria! Thomas and I just celebrated our first anniversary together last week and it wouldn't have been possible without Daria's AMAZING attention to detail and extensive connections. Her checklists kept us on track to have a stress-free weekend. She helped us navigate our relationships with both our vendors and our family members with ease. She was a joy to work and as my mother said, "Daria was the best money I spent on the wedding!"

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 6/11/2011

Wedding Date: 04-29-11

If there is any advice I'd give a new bride it would be to hire a planner. My second would be hire Daria at Circle of Love weddings. She kept us in check with all the big details and little ones that easily get forgotten. We got checklists every three months which really helped us keep organized. So many things to think about - and I almost didn't have to think - Daria was assisting us throughout the whole process. She was our saving grace on our big day and everything flowed beautifully!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 6/3/2011

Barrett and Jessica, Marietta
Wedding Date: 4/30/11

We could not have pulled off such an extraordinary wedding without Daria's help! Originally, my parents and I thought that a wedding planner may be overkill - how hard could this be? We couldn't have been more wrong. As we watched the numerous vendors and tasks that had to be coordinated the week of the wedding, we were so happy that we had decided to hire Daria. Without a wedding planner, we would have been unable to relax and enjoy everything we had worked so hard to put together. We could have never pulled off this wedding as successfully as we did without Daria's guidance and organization. Whatever the bride and groom want, Daria makes it happen. Thanks to her efforts the wedding went off without a hitch and we have received so many compliments from our guests. Thank you, Daria, for all of your hard work - it truly paid off.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 5/12/2011

Keely Roth
Wedding Date: 10/23/2010

There is not enough room here to write all the wonderful things that should be written about Daria at Circle of Love Weddings. Daria has been our wedding planner for the past year and three months. Although my husband and I live in California, we decided to have our wedding in Atlanta, GA to make it easier for family and friends to attend. Planning a wedding from the other side of the country is not an easy feat, but Daria made it all possible, and virtually stress free. Her organizational skills, professionalism and genuine commitment to helping us have a perfect wedding were apparent from the first. Daria was always in touch, despite the distance (and three hour time difference) and was constantly there with good advice and reassurances for both my mother and me. She helped us keep every detail straight and made sure everything was done on time. Her thoughtful planning details made us smile and enabled us to just relax and enjoy our big day. THANKS DARIA!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 10/30/2010

Gloria and Richard, Vinings
Wedding Date: 9/25/2010

Daria's fee was the best expenditure we made. We were able to enjoy our wedding day while she managed all the vendors, took care of all the details at the church, managed the reception at our home. She took the time to learn what we wanted. She provided so many helpful suggestions and her vendor recommendations were perfect. Her planning skills made us aware of the decisions we needed to make and when we needed to complete them. Her logistics management skills had us confident that everything was under control. Our wedding came off without a hitch. Her ability to have everyone where they need to be, when they need to be there, is pure magic. We were free to enjoy the day without being interrupted with decisions and details. Daria did all of that. Thank you Daria! We will call you again when our daughters get engaged!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 10/25/2010

kim mother of the bride
Wedding Date: 10-9-10

At the beginning of the discussions with Daria, we felt overwhelmed. She was very calming and led us step by step through the process. Most important the "day of" she was invisible - in a good way. I graciously accepted multiple comments about the flow, food, organization, etc. I owe those compliments to Daria. All the work was coordinated "behind the scenes". It was all about my daughter and her wedding day. I highly recommend you consider her. Kim Jones

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 10/12/2010

Wedding Date: 9 April 2010

Booking Daria was by far the best decision we could have made for our wedding. We had her as a day-of coordinator and though in the beginning I was a little unsure of how much we needed her since I really had a handle on things, I am so incredibly thankful that my mother and sister in laws suggested we book her. She took care of all the little things at the end that I just couldn't get myself to do, like call and confirm all the vendors and call anyone for last minute issues. By the last month I was so sick of calling people and talking about the wedding, so having her step in and do the not so glamorous work at the end was priceless. But what was probably most amazing is how she managed everything during the day of the wedding. I truly have never been so stress-free in my entire life. I didn't worry about anything the day of because I knew she would handle it all and would know what to do if any problems arose. Our wedding went so smoothly. It was truly a perfect day.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 7/2/2010

Martha & Erich, Kennesaw
Wedding Date: May 22, 2010

Daria was the BEST decision we made with regards to our wedding. She pulled this crazy mess together and helped us have the wedding of our dreams. If you're considering a DOC and worried about your budget, please know that Daria's fee was a full 10% of our budget, but was 100% worth it. From our first meeting, we were enthralled with how organized and VERY detail-oriented she was. Daria kept our planning on track, and helped me feel like everything was under control, and was ALWAYS reassuring. Our wedding had a lot of details and was in a new venue, so there was HUGE potential for disaster, but Daria pulled it all off splendidly. She was VERY in control and hands-on with all of the planning, but when the day came, she melted into the background, and just took care of business. We have no idea how this wedding would have happened without her guidance throughout the planning, hand-holding through freak-out sessions, and absolute control of the wedding day itself.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 6/10/2010

John and Laura, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 4/24/10

Daria is an amazing professional and was a huge asset an in planning my wedding! We initially hired her as a day of planner but she was there every step of the way! She was such a professional yet it felt like a very good friend was helping with all of the details of my wedding. She was so thorough and thought of everything! She attended meetings at the venue with me on several occasions and was always available to help me check and double check correspondence to make sure the documents/contracts/emails reflected our wishes for the wedding. We had an incredibly detailed planning meeting and covered every detail of the big day after which Daria created vendor schedules, timelines, and the full day's event schedules for everyone. She was always available and very responsive to my zillions of questions and emails! I highly recommend her and feel she was a wonderful value for the very high level of service she provides!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 5/15/2010

Emily and Charlie
Wedding Date: Feb. 13th 2010

Daria did a fantastic job on our wedding! She went above and beyond the call of duty at every step in the process, from the informational interview to the day of the wedding. She is very thorough, knowledgeable, professional, and supportive. She makes sure every issue is covered, and she doesn't try to push specific answers. Instead, she listens, and provides valuable advice.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 3/6/2010

Reny and Kelly
Wedding Date: 10/02/10

Daria was already booked the date of our wedding, however in our email we described the type of venue that we were looking for and Daria have us a suggestion that was absolutely perfect and had not come up in the weeks and weeks we had been searching. We had totally gotten into panic mode and were even thinking about not doing the wedding in Atlanta , but Daria saved the day. If she’s willing to go above and beyond for a random person on the internet I am willing to bet her actual clients must be pretty darn lucky.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 2/19/2010

Timothy L Kent
Wedding Date: 11/15/2009

Daria was an amazingly great help in planning and pulling off our wedding. She offered great insight and advice in planning and getting ready for wedding day. The day of the wedding she handled all of the vendors and made things so easy on us that our wedding felt like a party with family and friends. If we had a problem on the wedding day we did not know about it because she just handled it. I would recommend her to anyone planning on getting married. She is awesome!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 1/27/2010

Kim and Andy, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 8/22/09

Daria was a fantastic wedding planner! We were initially looking for a day of wedding planner, but Daria is so thourough that she helped us with everything! Daria was already familiar with a few of our vendors and they worked together seamlessly. She even recommened a few more vendors for us, such as a great seamstress at the final hour. Daria went above and beyond "day of" duties. She was at our reception locale for multiple hours the day before our wedding, making sure everything was in place for the big day. On the day of our wedding, she quickly resolved any issues without us even knowing - which was exactly what we wanted. The day went perfect and we owe it all to Daria!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 1/16/2010

Wade and Mary, Norcross
Wedding Date: 10/10/2009

Daria was amazing! We wanted a big party for our friends and family with a wedding. Daria helped us achieve that. She has a list of great vendors that were nothing less than amazing. She is very organized, efficient and everything is done with a smile. We are busy professionals and did not have time to deal with many of the details and I did not want to be stressed on the day of the wedding. Daria achieved those goals for us and much more. Hire her!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 11/6/2009

Kelly & Rod, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 7-25-2009

Daria is exceptional in all areas including planning, coordinating and directing the vendors, wedding party, family and guests. We hired Daria for day-of-ceremony services and she provided way more than just that. She was truly the backbone thru out the day to make sure everything happened seamlessly, timely and accurately. Our families and friends were able to enjoy themselves and more importantly so did we. We are still receiving compliments that our wedding was the best wedding that any of our friends have ever attended! We would not have had that experience with out Daria. In addition to all of her talents, she is a delight to work with. She is professional, a wonderful personality, calm, able to change gears quickly and stay in control, she is polite and works with respect and integrity - everyone loved her!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 8/22/2009

T. Bullock
Wedding Date: 7/18/09

Daria was wonderfully professional with our wedding. She took our crazy ideas and made them into the most spectacular day of our lives. She was knowledgeable and caring. And made sure that our wedding day was the day of our dreams. If you are looking for a stress free wedding, then we definitely recommend Circle of Love Wedding .:)

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 8/14/2009

Angela and Nilesh, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 4/18/2009

If you are even slighlty considering a wedding planner or day of coordinator, I say do it and get Daria at Circle of Love Weddings. Out of all our vendors, she was the most worth it. She was organized and professional. She knows wedding planning and comes highly recommended!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 5/4/2009

Lindsay and Wes, Atlanta
Wedding Date: January 5, 2005

Daria was excellent - provided just the level of wedding coordinating that we needed. She turned my ideas and behind-the-scenes work into what I wanted on the big day. She is organized and efficient, and a sweet, down-to-earth person. I could call her anytime and she would be available to me (within reason, of course). She helped make my wedding a dream event. To brag on her, many of our guests told us that our wedding was the most detail-oriented and unique wedding that they had ever been to. Also, my other vendors liked to work with her. She is a gem!

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 1/8/2009

Emily and Chris, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 10/25/2008

Daria was absolutely wonderful to work with-- from the planning stages to the wedding day! She is a hard worker who is extremely well organized and detail-oriented, which allowed us to feel relaxed about the numerous details that go into planning a wedding. She was so quick to get back to us through phone calls or emails, and she could answer any small question we had. She provided so many creative solutions in the process. On our wedding day, she made sure everything went smoothly-- I have never been to a wedding that had such a perfect flow from one thing to another. She is simply a delight to work with, and she truly cared about the outcome as much we and our families did.

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 12/8/2008

Angela and Sergio, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 10/18/2008

Daria was wonderful. We were simply looking for someone to handle the "day of" and ended up with so much more. The first thing that attracted me to her was her attention to detail at our first meeting. In addition, she was/is very reasonably priced (I did a lot of research and others charge a lot more). She really goes above and beyond to help her brides. I bounced numerous ideas off her via email and/or phone and she'd always have helpful input. She also got back to me within hours, which was very helpful especially when you're trying to make quick decisions and have little time to run around to get the items you need. In addition, she personally went out and selected a cake plate for me the week of the wedding because we were in a jam and the reception venue vendor was going to charge us an arm and a leg. The day of was perfect! She handled everything and ran the important items by me but mainly made sure everything was as we envisioned. Good luck to all of you!! :)

Circle of Love Weddings, Inc. Review Date: 12/6/2008

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