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We create Edible Masterpieces for every ocassion. We can create the ultimate dream cake for your wedding or special event. Beautiful cakes in every style, from traditional to the latest trends, available in a variety of flavors to suit every taste.
My dear brides I have to ask, do you really want the most important cake of your life to come from a supermarket? The cakes on my website are photos of the work I have done not of other Cake Artists; we are a licensed and insured bakery

Cakes by La'Meeka Custom Cake Designs Reviews

Deb & Mike
Wedding Date: April 20, 2013

Five Stars, Easily! If I had one word to describe La'Meeka's personality, her creativity and the overall "curb appeal" of her cakes? That word - Wow! First off, as all brides-to-be know, planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful. But when my groom and I walked into Cakes by La'Meeka for a tasting, that stress immediately vanished. She has the sweetest, most humble personality. She sat us down, talked with us and pointed us in the right direction for the type of design we wanted. The end result? A stunning cake. At the reception, I didn't feel right cutting it! Beautiful. And the cake itself was absolutely delicious. La'Meeka definitely caters to her brides and made me feel like my wedding cake was the most important and only cake in the world! She baked a Red Velvet Memory Cake for my late brother. Seeing the cake was sentimental for me. However, I smiled because I imagined my bro

Cakes by La'Meeka Custom Cake Designs Review Date: 5/14/2013

Larry and Holly Jones, Atlanta
Wedding Date: April 21, 2012

La'Meeka was a DREAM to work with. She is kind and caring about the needs of the bride and groom. We unfortunately had to change our date and she did not have any issue with it. Also the night before the wedding the ribbon still hadn't been dropped off to her but she provided ribbon for us to ensure our day went off without a hitch. Needless to say, LaMeeka can do anything you ask of her. We wanted the groom's cake to represent the racer side of the groom, so we asked for "traffic cones" that looked dirty. La'Meeka drew exactly what we wanted while sitting in our meeting. Both the wedding cake and the groom cakes tasted incredible. She had no problem making an excellent specialty groom cake. All-in-all we would definately use her again and encourage all to experience her services.

Cakes by La'Meeka Custom Cake Designs Review Date: 4/27/2012

Cristy Gleason, Atlanta
Wedding Date: July 16, 2011

Cakes by La'Meeka in Atlanta created the most beautiful amazing cake for my wedding. After struggling to find a cake that embraced my personality and our event I set up an appointment with La'Meeka. La'Meeka immediately made me feel comfortable and promised she could design a cake perfect for me. We browsed through magazines and I found a picture of a cake that I immediately knew was perfect. She had never made the cake before so she called a friend and discussed the details. I left comfortable and excited. The day of the wedding the cake arrived and it was breath taking. My guests couldn't stop commenting on how beautiful the cake was and how great it tasted. I posted pics of the cake on my computer at work when people found out it was real and it was my cake their mouths dropped and they exclaimed they thought it was a stock photo from a professional wedding magazine. I highly, highly recommend La'Meek for any event!

Cakes by La'Meeka Custom Cake Designs Review Date: 10/4/2011

Melanie, Lithonia
Wedding Date: 10-9-10

This cake was delicious! I was looking for a cake that was pretty, but more importantly, tasted good. I got that and more with the cake La'Meeka did for our wedding. I can't wait for our one year anniversary to eat the top layer! This was hands down, one of the best cakes I ever tasted and my guests are still talking about it.

Cakes by La'Meeka Custom Cake Designs Review Date: 3/15/2011

John and Patricia Freeman, Lithonia
Wedding Date: 10/24/2009

I would like to tip our hats off for an awesome job for special day - Wedding on 10/24/2009. It is never to late to say how awesome of a job that was provided by La'Meeka. She was highly professional and her cakes were delicious. As of today, 10/24/2010, we removed our frozen top layer to toast to our 1st anniversary and the cake was still as great as it was when we tasted it on 10/24/2009. La'Meeka you are the best with your time, your efficiency and your overall professionalism -- we are still praising you today. Brides-to-be I can truly say that Cakes-by-La'Meeka were worth every dime of what was put into our purchase. La'Meeka continue to treat all of your customers the same as you did with the "Freemans" and you will continue to be prosperous in all of your endeavors. God Bless.

Cakes by La'Meeka Custom Cake Designs Review Date: 10/24/2010

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