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About Reverend Gale Marie York

Finding one's life partner is a gift which should be celebrated. Your wedding should undoubtedly stand as the single most important event in your life. One you will want to share with family and friends.

This is a day about the two of you. This important celebration should reflect both you and your fiancÚ's beliefs, values, and love for one another.

Allow me to take part in that celebration by joining your lives in a moving ceremony that reflects your unique relationship and your individual beliefs.

For a wedding ceremony of unforgettable quality, please call or email me.

Reverend Gale Marie York Reviews

Jamie Creecy
Wedding Date: 10/20/2012

Reverend York was very knowledgeable, prompt, and helpful!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 10/23/2012

Robin & Myron
Wedding Date: 6/28/2012

Reverand Gale York was a joy to work with from our first meeting. She was kind, professional, and very accommodating as to what we wanted for our small and intimate ceremony. We loved her suggestions on how to incorporate my 9 year-old daughter into the ceremony and her willingness to let my daughter do a reading during the ceremony even though this was a last minute addition on the day of the wedding. Reverand Gale was exactly what we wanted in an officiant and more. I would recommend her and the wonderful service she provides to anyone who is getting married. We feel extremely blessed that she was the person who was there to help us begin our new married life together.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 9/25/2012

Wedding Date: 08/11/12

08/11/12 was a special and memorable day for us, the day when we took our vows to be bonded together in marriage, in the presence of our family members and dear friends. During the logistics phase for our wedding ceremony, Rev. Gale exhibited the highest caliber of professionalism and respect, and was extremely courteous, highly responsive and accommodating. She made herself readily available to us in an attempt to address any questions or concerns we had in a timely manner. On the day of the event, she performed a remarkable ceremony, filled with the spiritual component that we desired. Without Rev. Gale, our ceremony would not have been as meaningful as it was. In light of the aforementioned, without qualms or hesitation, we highly recommend Rev. Gale as a wedding officiant who will be instrumental in providing any couple with the memorable wedding ceremony desired. Cheers, Mr. & Mrs. Drayton Sebastian (Drayton & Ingrid)

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 8/14/2012

Amy and Kevin, Alpharetta
Wedding Date: 8/19/11

When my fiance and I got engaged, we realized neither of us had a "home church" in the Atlanta area. Neither of our parents or close relatives live here, either, so we were stumped on choosing an officiant. When we met Gale, I felt like I'd known her for years. She was warm, funny, maternal (a comfort to a bride away from her family), but also very professional. She spoke with us in detail about the ceremony choices she offered, and was willing to tweak the details to be sure that we got a ceremony meaningful to us. On our wedding day, guests complimented us several times on the sincerity and beauty of our ceremony. I was, admittedly, an emotional bride who boo-hooed her way through the entire thing! Gale was there with a calm, reassuring voice, gently reminding me to take a breath, and handing me tissues when necessary! This is the sort of service you (hopefully) only need once, but I will highly recommend her to other couples!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 8/25/2011

Wedding Date: April 23, 2010

Rev. York was a great pleasure to work with. She has a way that puts people at ease. I had many compliments from our guest on how nice she was and what a nice ceremony we had. I could not have asked for a better person to officiate our wedding. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the Atlanta area.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 5/18/2010

Bjorn and Cindy, Newnan
Wedding Date: March 25, 2010

Rev. Gale York is excellent to work with and very professional. She has a great ability to make people feel calm and relaxed from the start. She communicates quickly with emails and phone calls. She has the care and interest in learning about the couple and what interests them and makes them tick and seems to cater to each individual and each couple in turn. My husband and I highly recommend Rev. Gale York on many levels, she cares about people and about getting couples off to a great beginning. Rev. York goes above and beyond caters to your wishes, personalizes the ceremony and works well with others, she is incredible, worth 5 stars and more.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 4/12/2010

Andrew & Kelli
Wedding Date: 02/07/2010

When we found Reverend York and had a chance to speak with her, we were delighted! Not only was she extremely prompt in returning our phone calls, but her excitement about performing our ceremony would have made you think she had known us for years! She was extremely professional and worked with us to make sure we had the exact ceremony we had always wanted. We would absolutely recommend Reverend York to anyone and everyone.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 2/9/2010

Anne P, Alpharetta
Wedding Date: December 26, 2009

I was amazed that an internet search brought me to Reverend Gale. Even though I felt a strong connection over the phone, meeting her was like discovering a soul mate! She was professional, yet caring and compassionate at the same time. She would let me babble about anything which as a nervous bride I was prone to do. I was very excited when my fiance took to her as strongly as did I. Gale was super at customizing our ceremony and making it even more special than I had dreamed. My entire family commented on her presentation of the ceremony; everyone was very impressed. I would recommend Gale to anyone and have been singing her praises to all of my friends. My new husband and I are blessed and honored to have made a new, lifelong friend!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 1/6/2010

Mitzi Cox
Wedding Date: 10/03/2009

Rev. York was great anytime we needed to ask any questions about the ceremony she was more than happy to help us. The ceremony she preformed was so beautiful all the guest came and told us that it was a lovely ceremony. She is very professional and really cares about the couple and what they want to make their day special.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 11/23/2009

Wedding Date: 5/24/2009

When we met Rev. York, we knew she was the perfect person to perform our ceremony. She was very polite and personable. We wanted a short and sweet ceremony and that is exactly what she gave us. She made the entire process simple and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Reverend Gale York to anyone looking for a seamless wedding ceremony.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 8/12/2009

Myndi and Scott, Marietta
Wedding Date: 6/6/09

Reverend York put us at ease from the moment we first began talking with her about our ceremony. She has beautifully planned ceremonies of her own, but is willing to go above and beyond to tailor the ceremony to suit the couple. She communicated thoroughly with us throughout the whole process (including my bridal nerves!) and make our day so very special. Many family members later commented how warm and loving, but professional the ceremony was. Choose Rev. York and your day will be wonderful!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/23/2009

Wedding Date: 05/22/2009

Reverend York made our ceremony unforegettable!! My favorite thing about working with her was her flexibility with everything. Our ceremony and vows were very personalized and after the ceremony we had so many compliments from our guests. I would highly recommend her!! Thank you Reverend for making our ceremony so wonderful!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/4/2009

Wedding Date: 5/11/2009

Rev York was amazing! We had a very small service and location changed at the last moment. She was very flexible and helpful. The ceremony was sweet, romantic, and intimate...

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 5/20/2009

Angelique and Michael Raby
Wedding Date: oe-07-09

Rev. Gale York was a great pick for our wedding. I selected her via the internet and she was very helpful both over the phone and via email. The service could not have been any better. Thank you.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 4/23/2009

Katie and Bobby
Wedding Date: March 7,2009

We had a wonderful wedding on March 7,2009!!!!Gale was fabulous and officiated a heartfelt ceremony.She is professional,personable and we would reccomend her to perform your wedding ceremony.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 3/25/2009

Chad & Amanda, Smyrna
Wedding Date: 10/18/2008

Gale was easy to work with and attentive to our desires for a custom ceremony. She was willing to accommodate our busy schedules when planning and rehearsing our vows. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get married.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 1/10/2009

Wedding Date: 11/29/08

Rev. Gale was a blessing. She is warm, organized, dependable, professional, and fun to work with. From the moment we met her, we knew we were in good hands. She was perfect for our wedding and I am so thankful that we found her!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 12/8/2008

Marcela and Rick
Wedding Date: 10/11/2008

Reverend York made our wedding experience so much more pleasant and beautiful! She captured the tone of our wedding very quickly and performed the ceremony impecably! Thanks, Rev York!!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 11/6/2008

Kala and Jack, Lawrenceville
Wedding Date: Sept. 27, 2008

Reverend Gale is simply the most wonderful officiant any couple could want. Upon meeting her we were immediatly impressed with her warmth and desire to give us a ceremony that was uniquely ours. Working with her was a joy and the ceremony she performed was so beautiful that we are still getting complements from our quests. She truly made our wedding a day we will always remember!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 10/27/2008

Christine, Georgia
Wedding Date: August 9, 2008

Reverend Gale M. York was an absolute joy to work with. From the moment we met her, we knew she was the one. Besides being a genuinely nice person, she was VERY professional and organized. She always responded timely to my calls and emails. On the day of my wedding, I was an emotional wreck waiting for everything to start! She took the time to meet with me in my bridal suite to give me words of encouragement and to keep me updated about how soon the ceremony would begin. She is truly a special person and anyone would be blessed to have her perform their wedding ceremony.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 9/14/2008

Dawn & Bobby, GA

Rev. Gale York was a wonderful addition to our day! Everything that was planned went accordingly and we couldn't have chosen a better individual to officiate! We are VERY pleased with how everything transpired and would recommend her to anyone. She made our day just that much more special and we would like to extend many thanks and gratitude to her for such a wonderful ceremony. -Bobby & Dawn Stanzione

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 8/16/2008

CEM and MJD, Atlanta
Wedding Date: July 19th, 2008

Rev. York was wonderful. She met with us early on and was extremely warm, friendly, and engaging. I felt immediately connected to her and confident that she would make our wedding wonderful. Rev. York took the time to get to know us as a couple so that she could really give us a meaningful wedding. She gave us several options for the ceremony and helped us decide exactly what we wanted. She even accommodated some last minute requests with a smile. She made everyone feel at ease and performed a ceremony that my husband and I will always cherish.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 8/16/2008

Wedding Date: July 12, 2008

Rev. York was wonderful to work with and we had a wonderful and very personal ceremony.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 7/25/2008

Angela and Corey, Ellenwood
Wedding Date: 05/24/2008

Reverend Gale York is a true professional! She officiated our ceremony in May, and we were very pleased with how everything fell into place. She was very accommodating, and helped to keep everyone calm and smiling. Her personal touches made the ceremony one to remember. I highly recommend her to any bride or groom :-). Mrs. Angela Beaton

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/25/2008

Wedding Date: 5/23/08

We were married on May 23rd. and I would like to highly recommend Rev. York. The ceremony was beautiful and she added a great warmth and a very personal touch. I am so glad that we selected her and I would strongly recommend that anyone looking for a Minister meet with her to see what she has to offer. We couldn't feel more strongly that we made a great choice with Rev. York. Her presence was comforting and set us off on the right foot for married life.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/10/2008

Robyn & Nancy, Chatt-Atl
Wedding Date: April 19,2008

If you want your ceremony to be RIGHT then you must contact Reverend York. She is absolutely the very best! From our first meeting with her I knew we had made the right decision about who would officiate our wedding. Reverend York is a professional. Because of her intergrity the Reverend York did not at any time put herself in the spotlight. The ceremony was focussed on us....not her! She simply (at least made it look that way) guided us through the ceremony. Though Nancy and I had written the ceremony, one might have thought the Reverend York had. She was flawless in her presentation! More importantly she was totally present with us and made us both feel there was NOTHING else in her life more important than us! What a gift!! Give yourself peace of mind and the BEST wedding Reverend York to discuss your most very special day.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 5/2/2008

Kena and Femi Oguntala
Wedding Date: 03/29/2008

I just wanted to say that we certainly enjoyed Rev. York for being our minister for our wedding. She is a pleasure to work with and so prompt. She gives some really good encouraging words to us which was so deeply heartfelt. Rev. York you are the best! Thank you for your professionalism and words of wisdom. We will forever remember you when we think back to our wedding day. Thank You, Kena and Femi Oguntala

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 4/6/2008

Marcia Hennig
Wedding Date: 11-15-07

I was very impressed with Rev. York's professional knowledge and her mannerism and caring were genuine. She guided us through the service and keep things going smothly. I would recommend to anyone who wants a caring person to marry them, Rev. York is the one you need.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 12/17/2007

Mandy and Ed, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 10/27/2007

Reverand York was a pleasure to work with - she worked with us to craft a ceremony that was perfect for us. She's also very experienced, so helped us make sure everything went smoothly and handled things we hadn't thought about. She's very calm and easy to work with - with her help we had a truly lovely ceremony that was very special and meaningful. I highly recommend Reverand York.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 12/11/2007

Heather and Rob, Atlanta
Wedding Date: 10-13-2007

We loved working with Rev. York. From the moment we met her, we knew that she was going to be the one to perform our ceremony. She is easy to work with and helped us create exactly the kind of ceremony we wanted. Rev. York added the finishing touches on our ceremony. We would highly recommend her to anyone.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 12/6/2007

Jennifer and Josh
Wedding Date: 9/29/07

Reverend York did such a great job as the minister to our wedding. My harpist recommended her because she has worked with her in the past and had only nice things to say about her. We met up with her early in our wedding planning to discuss the ceremony and she had such great ideas for the two of us. We wanted to make our ceremony special and meaningful for us, and her input was just what we needed. She gave us different ceremony scripts as a guide and her choices were just what we were looking for. We were able to pick and choose from each one to make our ceremony unique. She was there for us along the way whenever I had a question come up and always willing to offer her advice. I was SO nervous that I would forget my lines right after she read them, but she even worked with me on that! I would recommend her to anyone!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 10/10/2007

Wedding Date: August 18th, 2007

Reverend York is a phenomenal woman. She helped add the fairytale magic to our ceremony. I have nothing but nice things to say about her. We received compliments from every guest at the wedding in regards to her outstanding character and performance. She made our ceremony very special, and we were able to incorporate a truely heartwarming special touch to our ceremony that made the moment absolutely unforgettable. Please do not hesitate to utilize her services. She is very professional, charismatic, and simply a delight.
***Edited reviewer name per their request

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 8/26/2007

Gina & Chris, Decatur
Wedding Date: 8/11/07

Finding an officiant was the most difficult part of the wedding planning process for me. It was a blessing to find Reverend Gale York on this site. All of the rave reviews were 100% accurate! She was responsive and timely and really set me at ease with the entire process. We exchanged many emails and she answered all of my questions. Her calm demeanor and obvious experience were a huge relief because I was pretty nervous and anxious. She helped me compose myself and officiated the ceremony like the pro that she is. I have received countless compliments on how beautiful the ceremony wedding would not have been the same without Reverend Gale! I highly recommend her!!!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 8/13/2007

Maame and Andrew Poris
Wedding Date: 23/07/06

Rev York was brilliant at our wedding. She made us feel calm and the service went smoothly. We will deffinately recommend her to anyone.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 7/13/2007

Beth and Matt, Woodstock
Wedding Date: June 16, 2007

Rev. Gale York was an EXCELLENT choice for us!! We wanted a short but warm, loving ceremony, as it was outside in the middle of June!! She was perfectly lovely and we recieved sooo many compliments on the beauty of the ceremony!! I would highly recommend Rev. York for anyone who wants to keep things simple, yet elegant!! What a joy it was to have her sharing and participating in our special day!!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/27/2007

Uriah and Brian
Wedding Date: 02 June 2007

Reverend York was a blessing to our wedding. She made our day so relaxing and comfortable. She gave us a beautiful wedding ceremony script that made our day beautiful and memorable. If you are looking for an officiant who is easy going, helpful, and a joy to work with, I would definitely recommend her. Aside from being a wonderful officiant, she also helped make our day less stressful by assisting with details. Once you meet her, you will know that she is someone you want to be present on your wedding day.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/26/2007

Wedding Date: 5-26-2007

Reverend Gale York did a terrific job officiating our wedding. Highly professional and highly recommended. ilana and kenneth Garza

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/6/2007

Rob and Tab, Byron
Wedding Date: March 24, 2007

Reverend York was able to accomodate us over the phone and internet. She made suggestions that helped us decide the perfect ceremony components for our wedding. The wording was pleasing and fit our religious beliefs. She had an incredible amount of patience and was able to work within our budget. I would definitely recommend Reverend York to any couple searching for an officiant.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/5/2007

Brian and Melisa, Acworth
Wedding Date: 5/12/2007

Reverend York was wonderful from the beginning. From the first meeting, to emails, to the long drive to the ceremony, she was not only professional but was truly there to make our day special. She even helped to calm my nervous husband at the altar before the ceremony started. I would highly recommend her for any ceremony big or small. The day would not have been the same without her and we are blessed to have had her there. Many thanks!!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/2/2007

Jeremy and Courtney Fox, Georgia
Wedding Date: May 12, 2007

My husband and I both loved Rev. Gale York! She was very professional and we felt as if we had known her for a while! She has a very warm presence. We are both very glad that we found her to do our wedding! We wouldn't have wanted anyone else!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 5/31/2007

Richard and Lisa Roy, Buford
Wedding Date: 05/26/07

Reverend York is the kindest, most patient, and most helpful soul Lisa and I have ever worked with! Her service was delivered in such a peaceful and loving way that it just made a great day into a perfect one. She worked with out schedule and our ceremony was exactly as we asked. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a minister for their wedding. Without a doubt!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 5/29/2007

Paige Kater
Wedding Date: 02/24/2007

We were so pleased with Reverend Gail. As a matter of fact we loved her so much we've already booked her to officiate at our renewal of vows in October. She has such a warm, wonderful personality. You will be so glad you selected her to share in your special day.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 5/16/2007

Wedding Date: 09/23/2006

Reverend Gale York was so helpful to us. Even though I had a simple ceremony I had a lot of questions regarding the entire marriage process. I didn't know where I wanted our ceremony to take place, but I knew the kind of area I wanted it to be in. Reverend York made wonderful suggestions and one of the places she suggested was perfect for us. She answered every question I had, no matter how many times I emailed her with one. I am happy that I chose her as our minister because she has a very down to earth, patient and efficient minister.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 10/5/2006

Kate DeMarco
Wedding Date: 9/02/06

Reverend York performed the most beautiful ceremony. She makes it easy to customize the ceremony to fit the couple. She is very kind and easy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 9/12/2006

Wedding Date: 04/15/2006

Reverend Gale York, from the very beginning was an absolute joy. Our experience with Reverend York was so pleasant. She guided us through the whole process-from choosing the right ceremony to suggesting the right vows. We would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for an officiant. Everyone commented on how wonderful the ceremony was and asked us where we found Reverend York!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/29/2006

Marie And Robert Fowler , Pendergrass GA
Wedding Date: May 28th 2006

We could not have picked anyone that would have been as professional and so down to earth! I would defenatley refer her to anyone that wants their day to go smoothly. She was perfect!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/13/2006

Galina and Andrew
Wedding Date: 03/24/2006

Revrend York was a delight to work with, punctual, made our wedding very special. We would highly recommend her to anyone.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 4/29/2006

Elaine and Errol, Atlanta
Wedding Date: March 18, 2006

We were really happy with the ceromony performed by Reverand Gale York. She took the time to really find out what we wanted and made suggestions that really helped up make it a very special ceremony. Due to time constraints we elected not to have a rehearsal and Reverand Gale was able to perform the cermony as if we had rehearsed it ten times. Thank you Reverand Gale, you are the best.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 4/22/2006

Magda, Gainesville
Wedding Date: 02/14/06

Rev. York was great to work with. She was very accommodating and helpful. I would truly recommend her to all, specifically to those who care about warm and happy atmosphere!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 4/13/2006

Kelly and Len, Atlanta
Wedding Date: April 1, 2006

Rev. York was wonderful to work with! We had a very small, intimate wedding and she helped us from the beginning to customize our wedding ceremony to make it "ours". She encouraged our creativity and gave suggestions on how to make sure everything went off flawlessly! I appreciate her reviewing our ceremony and making sure it flowed well. I recommend her highly, she is a joy and a pleasure to work with.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 4/13/2006

Marcia E.
Wedding Date: 06/10/2006

We really enjoyed working with Reverend York. She was very accommodating to our wishes for a simple, non-denominational ceremony. She was thoroughly prepared every step of the way. Our guests also commented on how well she did. And she even looks good in our pictures! She did a great job, and we would recommend her services to anyone.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 6/6/2007

Elaine and Wayne Wood
Wedding Date: April 7, 2007

Thank you Rev York for making our wedding day so sweet and special. We really appreciated your incorporating our special requests into the ceremony. We loved our wedding day! Thank you again! Elaine and Wayne Wood

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 4/16/2007

Donna, Atlanta
Wedding Date: November 25, 2006

Rev. Gale was a pleasure to work with. She genuinely enjoyed being there with us for our special day. She was very thorough and organized and helped us plan a very personal ceremony. She was flexible and catered to our wants and needs.

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 3/28/2007

Kim and Ben, Atlanta
Wedding Date: September 30, 2006

Reverend York was wonderful; we got so many compliments on our ceremony!

Reverend Gale Marie York Review Date: 10/2/2006

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