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Quick Stats

AtlantaBridal Longevity
20 years so far! We launched in February 1998 - BEFORE GOOGLE!!
AtlantaBridal Focus
We are 100% local. Our founder was born and raised in LaGrange, Georgia, graduated with a BBA in Risk Management from the University of Georgia and now lives in the Atlanta area.
AtlantaBridal Accessibility
AtlantaBridal is fully responsive, fast and easy to use on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops. Native app is launching soon!
AtlantaBridal Web Site Unique Visitors Annually
The current average over the past 5 years is just over 106,000 per year - that's a LOT for a small niche site and market. More than any bridal show attendance or local magazine circulation.
AtlantaBridal Web Site Page Views Annually
The current average over the past 5 years is right at 482,000 per year.
AtlantaBridal Web Site Target Audience
Couples and others involved in planning weddings and other social events in greater Atlanta, North and Coastal Georgia.
AtlantaBridal Device Usage
The majority of our users, 56%, are using mobile phone devices which is why speed and mobile-friendliness are our focus right now. We will continue to improve our mobile efforts for this growing audience.
Combined Social Media Followers, Email and Notification Subscribers
23,000+ and growing every day
Pinterest Average Monthly Viewers
It changes monthly but currently 145,000.

Recent Client Feedback

Atlanta Bridal has ALWAYS been my favorite Internet advertising site. Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary!
- Judith Warren, Owner of Vecoma. Member since 1998.

Carl House has been working with Lei and the Atlanta Bridal folks for a decade. They continue to be our most popular and revered lead generators. Their website is easy to use and a tremendous resource for brides and industry professionals alike. They have consistently been there for us and even contacted us when we have a public event, reminding us to post an announcement on their site. It's partnerships like this that make me grateful to be working in an industry of support where professionals truly work to benefit the success of one another. Thank you Lei!
- BB Webb, Former Owner of Carl House. Member since 2002.

I first became acquainted with Lei Lydle in 1998 when she started At that point, I had absolutely no clue about creating a website and marketing my business online. Lei gave me advice as I was getting started with a free website from American Online(!) that I built myself. Several months ago, she completed our most recent website revision, updating our overall look and information and making our site compatible with mobile devices. My colleagues and I are so pleased with the latest version of our website and with our clients' response to it!! In the years between the first and latest versions of our website, Lei has always made herself available and accessible whenever I had questions or concerns. She has done a variety of smaller jobs for us in the years that I have known Lei--her work is impeccable and well worth every dollar that we have gladly paid. From 1998 until now, Lei has been an extremely helpful and supportive resource for my company. She is so knowledgeable and savvy, and yet, she is always able to translate her complex knowledge and understanding of building websites and online marketing into terminology that is entirely comprehensible to a non-techie classical musician like myself (and miraculously, she is infinitely patient with all of this!). Lei Lydle is an absolutely lovely person. I can't overstate what a pleasure it is to know her and to work with her! Without question, I give Lei Lydle my highest endorsement!
- Sarah Paul, Amati CHamber Music. Member since 2002.

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