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Following are my Preferred and Featured Atlanta Wedding Event Drapery. Let me know how they do! Best wishes! Lei
Rent the Event

Rent the Event


Geri Sims  - Drapery

Geri Sims - Drapery

Designing environments to create ever-lasting memories of your Wedding, Party or Event!

Atlanta Wedding Event Drapery Resources

The following Atlanta Wedding Event Drapery Resources currently have a profile on AtlantaBridal but they are not maintaining their profiles and so I can not be 100% certain about them. However, they may be of help to you if none of our Preferred Atlanta Wedding Event Drapery Resources are available for your big day. The list is just in alphabetical order. Good luck! Lei
  1. Ahana Decor
  2. Dream Design Lighting and Decor
  3. Make Me Elegant
  4. Party Over Here Productions

The Wall: Atlanta Wedding Event Drapery

What would you like to know about hiring Atlanta Event Drapery? Add your questions here and we will get our community to answer! Thanks! Lei

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