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Getting To Know Your Photographer

March 27 , 2008

You arrive at the church to be greeted by your photographer. You are shocked when you see them. You couldn’t even pick your photographer out of a crowd because it has been 6 months to a year since you have seen them. The last time you saw your photographer was when you signed the contract to hire them for your wedding day.

Why don’t couples spend time getting to know their photographer? Yes, they specialize in wedding photography but every wedding is different. You might have a specific list of shots that are important to you and unless you communicate this to your photographer, he/she might not capture those special moments.

Once you hire your photographer, spend some time with them at an engagement session.

We’ve had couples say: “My best friend took our engagement photo for the paper so we don’t really need one.” Well…is there something in writing that states you can’t do another engagement session? This session is more than just the pictures. It is about developing a relationship and becoming more comfortable with each other. Why not spend time relaxing with your finance while someone captures those special moments.

Look at this couple. Do you think they even realized we were there? They enjoyed just laughing about a special moment between them.

Why don’t more photographers offer an engagement session in their packages? An engagement session included in a photography package is a great opportunity for photographers to get to know the newly engaged couple they will be photographing soon.

Best Wishes!

Julie Reynolds

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