The Ultimate Checklist for Planning Your Atlanta Wedding

The Ultimate Checklist for Planning Your Atlanta Wedding

Lei Lydle

Founder and Editor of AtlantaBridal
12/30/2013 12:06:34 PM

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I have been publishing AtlantaBridal for almost 16 years now and I have always had a checklist but it was somewhat generic and, quite frankly, planning a wedding has changed a bit over the past 16 years. So... I have updated the checklist and put it in a printable PDF format that you can save to your computer and print for your Wedding Planning binder. Yay!

Download our FREE printable checklist!

AtlantaBridal's Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist for Atlanta Weddings
Just image of page 1 - click to download the checklist!

Download my checklist as a free PDF to print for your binder!

Now I know there are about a million generic wedding planning checklists online but mine is different because:

  • It includes links / urls to web pages that may help you with some tasks and find some types of vendors.
  • It also includes a few tips and hints right on the checklist in case a particular item isn't clear.
  • It is designed specifically for Atlanta area wedding planning.
This list is exhaustive and meant to be a guideline. Some things on the list may not apply to your wedding and I have left space for you to make your own notes as well. Also if you find a task that I have missed, write it in the comments below and I will update it!

Happy Planning!

~ Lei

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